1 When is the office open?
We answer phones between 9:00-16:00. You can always write to us at:
2Can you arrange your next lesson with a teacher or do you need to contact the office ?
As for individual classes please contact the office and determine the schedule of classes a month in advance - this will avoid confusion. Please send us your schedule by e-mail 7 days before the start of the new month.
3How can I pay for the course?

Bank transfer.
Account number: 50102055581111 109745500039

Horyzont Education
Al. Niepodległości 245/3
02-009 Warszawa
4What time do the lessons start?
We start lessons from 7:30 am.
5Till when can I cancel individual lessons?
No charge if the cancellation is done before 2 p.m. two working days before the planned lessons. We respect our teachers’ time. However, if there is an emergency situation , eg . an illness or an accident, it is possible to make up the lessons during agreed on time.
6Can I pay in installments ?
By way of exception. Please email us in this matter.
7Can you take the Cambridge exam at the school?
You can take the online BULATS exam at the school. Other exams can be taken at the British Council, which is established in very close proximity.


We will answer as soon as we can. Tell us your expectations, and we will choose the best option for you.


Al. Niepodległości 245 m 3
02-009 Warszawa

Phone: + 22 621 44 29
E-mail: horyzont@horyzont.edu.pl