Our Legal English course is for law students and lawyers. Created for professionals specializing in international law, who want to easily communicate in English, and for those wish to provide legal services in both spoken and written English.

The course is ran in two stages and on two language proficiency levels: As language training providing the tools needed by a lawyer for development of professional skills:

Language tools needed by a lawyer for professional growth:

● Wealth of legal vocabulary necessary to achieve the precision of oral expression and argument ( e.g. language of legal documents; terminology related to legislation; vocabulary used in negotiating merger and acquisition; concepts of criminal law, civil, commercial etc.)
● Preparing to actively participate in discussions and negotiations
● Presentations and speeches
● Reports, e-mail and business writing.

As training for people who want to pass the international TOLES - enriched with a series of mock exams to teach exam techniques and give you confidence in taking the exam.

Both forms of training are on levels:
Foundation - A2
Higher - B1/ B2

What makes us different is the interactive method of introducing new vocabulary and structures. Practicing new taught vocabulary in different forms and contexts extends clients knowledge, and is checked through a series of exercises connected to the lessons topic.  This gives participants the possibility to assess their own progress and improve their capabilities in real life simulation that can occur in their professional life.

Training can be provided in a form of an intensive course or semester classes.

Time and place of the course is agreed on during an individual consultation with the company.

More details are given during a free of charge and non-binding needs analysis.